Magnet Staff



Magnet Admin

Magnet Administrators
Phone 770-578-3286 • Fax 770-578-3287

Dr. Cheryl Crooks
Magnet Coordinator
Curriculum & Instruction, Scheduling,
Advisement, Discipline, Probation,
Magnet Advisory Board, Community
Service, STEAM Symposium,
ADDO Leadership

Stacy Regitsky
Magnet Program Advisor
Magnet Admissions, Advisements,
Transcripts, Communications

(Website, Enews, Social Media,
Google Accounts)

Our administrators and counselor are available to meet with parents by appointment. Please email them prior to visiting campus in order to set up a time that is convenient for both of you.

Magnet Counselor Magnet Front Office

Sumana Moudgal
Magnet Counselor
Ext. 039
College Admissions, Academic &
Social Emotional Counseling, 504's,
Probation, College Outreach, Advisement

Maureen Klinkmueller
Magnet Clerk
General Information, Magnet Records,
, Transcripts Orders

Magnet Teachers
The best way to reach a teacher is through email. Click on teacher's name to access teacher websites.


Ray Furstein *+
Laura Grier *
Dr. Nicole Ice *+
Jeff Kent *+
Amanda Morton *
Eric Ritenour *+
Julie Walls *+
Dr. Ginny Berkemeier *+
Dr. John Cody *+
Danielle Ereddia
Dr. Kate Maloney *
Edward Lawrence
Susan Phillips *+
Eric Ritenour *+
Chris Walstead *+
Sergio Corvalan *+ (Engineering Pathway)
Michael Fusia (Electronics Pathway)
Sharon Hunt * (Healthcare Pathway)
Dr. Kate Maloney *+ (Computer Science Pathway)
Chris Walstead *+ (Computer Science Pathway)
Latrice Wicker + (Computer Science Pathway)

* Gifted Endorsed Teachers
+ AP Certification and/or AP Certification with Gifted Training

Wheeler High School 375 Holt Road, Marietta, Georgia 30068 770.578.3286

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