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In order to apply to the Wheeler Magnet Program, you will need to access the online application which will be available on October 1. You can apply to any of the Cobb County Magnet Schools using this application.

Teacher Recommendations

When you submit your application, emails will be sent to your 8th grade math, science, and english teachers directing them to fill out an online recommendation. Please notify your teachers in advance that they will be receiving this email. Teacher recommendations are due on January 15.

Magnet Testing

All CCSD 8th graders will be given the PSAT 8/9 at school in October. These scores will be used in our admissions process.

Standardized Tests

Your 7th grade ITBS score will be used in our evaluation.

  • If you are new to CCSD this year, please send us your most recent scores.

  • Scores must be from a nationally normed test, such as ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) or Stanford Achievement Test. (Any score that indicates a national percentile ranking – NPR)

  • Email to:

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