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Magnet Curriculum

The Center offers an accelerated and advanced course of study focusing on medical biotechnology, engineering/robotics, and advanced chemistry. The program culminates in senior research and internships with local business and institution partners.

Magnet students take magnet specific math & science courses and the rest of their courses are taken at an honors or AP level in a blended environment with other high-achieving Wheeler students.

We are constantly adding to and adjusting our curriculum to meet the needs of our students.

Students have the opportunity to take twice as many math and science courses as they would in a traditional curriculum.


Course Requirements

At Wheeler Magnet it is not the courses required that set us apart from other programs and academies, it is what students our accomplish that is not required of them.   
Foundations Course

All freshmen magnet students take AP Computer Science Principles to give them a broad base understanding of computer science and how technology impacts our world.

Science Courses

Minimum of 5 magnet designated science courses
Required courses:

  • Magnet Biology

  • Magnet Chemistry

  • AP Physics 1

  • 2 Additional Magnet Designated Science Courses

  • Magnet Research & Internship (prerequisite is 2 math &/or
    science courses at the AP level or higher)

Math Courses

Minimum of Calculus and 1 AP level math course
Required courses:

  • Algebra 1

  • Algebra 2

  • Geometry

  • PreCalculus

  • Calculus (AP or Honors)

  • 1 or more AP or Post AP level Math Courses

Technology Courses

All students complete a Magnet STEM or STEAM track. The STEM track consists of 4 Magnet approved Technology classes. The STEAM track consists of 2 Magnet approved Technology courses and 2 Magnet approved Fine Arts courses.

Online Courses

Students have the option of taking online courses if:

  • The course is not a math, science, or technology course and

  • The course is not offered at Wheeler or

  • The Wheeler course does not fit into their schedule or

  • The student is taking the course above and beyond the 8 courses taken each year *

It is important that students and parents confirm the level and quality points for any online course before registering. Some quality points may be different based on the official level of the course.

If the online course is one of the students four courses in a given semester, they will have a block during the school day to work on the online course, and no fee will be assessed.

If the student takes the course above and beyond the four taken in a given semester or during summer school, a fee will be charged according to Cobb Virtual Academy or Georgia Virtual fee schedules.

*Students are allowed to take one online course, Health and Personal Fitness, as tuition above and beyond the eight courses at Wheeler. This course can be taken any year or over the summer.  Exceptions will be made only in situations where it is necessary to take the additional courses in order to graduate on time.

Courses offered by both Cobb Virtual and Georgia Virtual, students are required to register with Cobb Virtual. Students must correspond first with Mr. Walstead in order to register for any online courses.

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